Thursday, 27 September 2012

A Great Escape

We are to escape, for a night, my husband and I. Not far - an hours drive - should the forces of bad luck or a young family call us home. But far enough - to pretend for an evening that we are not parents at all. To drink wine in a restaurant overlooking the sea. To speak to each other and finish a sentence without the casual interruption of a child. The first night in 2 years we have stayed away, baby free.

Our destination - a haven of fishing boats with a lighthouse on the south west coast. A cliff top, a harbour and twinkling lights. Such a bright prospect, this great escape. To fish from my wardrobe, a dress befitting of an evening meal, of the civilised sort where children and tantrums are not allowed. A date with our past, in the days before the likelihood of a broken nights sleep called us home at a reasonable hour.

Freedom - short lived but complete. Wine and talk and an evening meal - milk, rice pudding and splatter free... x

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