Sunday, 30 September 2012

Leave The Light On

I have a fascination with lighthouses, the reliable sweeping light. A constant in unconstant times. A warning and a guide, a sign of life amidst deep black seas. Statuesque, bleak and bold - yet striking in their beauty and such a powerful icon of hope. Solid in massive proportions and embedded in our culture and our minds. Automated now - but illuminating still, and national treasures the length of the coast.

I watched, as a child in pyjamas, a lighthouse across the bay, from the window of a cottage a stones throw from the beach. A happy place at a happy time and the reason perhaps, I hold such a torch.

A bright light unwavering throughout. I can make no comparison in life. A beacon of hope and strength, and a warning voice. A symbol of safety in an unsafe and uncertain world... x


  1. Helen, you write beautifully. I am really excited about following your blog. I am so inspired to join you on this journey with 21st century technology; I've been frightened of it all for too long!Love the new designs and starting to plan my christmas list!!


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