Friday, 21 September 2012

Sand Shoes

In utter contrast to what went before, the sky today is blue as far as the eye can see. To the beach then, with wellies, jeans and jackets, a bucket and spade and a blanket to keep the baby warm. I like the beach on cooler days, when the day trippers have gone for another year and our companions consist mostly of dog walkers and other mums - bracing the wind to please a child who digs in the sand with small chilled hands.

The sun is lower now, and I squint at the horizon while the nearly 5 year old runs in giant circles, arms wide and tilted to the sky. The sun is blinding, and my boy is a silhouette, like those of grainy cine films where golden lens flare obscures the scene. We are lucky here, this afternoon, with sand and sea and time to spare. A holiday from school in the autumn of a years leave from work. I chase over sands to catch my boy, and the baby laughs and reaches to the sky.

Held aloft, she can fly - my girl knows not of gravity or weight. She can soar and dip and follow the gulls. Who high above our heads, screech and wheel and dive, on a tide edging closer to the shore in the last of the watery afternoon sun... x

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