Sunday, 23 September 2012

Well Fed

Leek and potato soup this afternoon - the aroma of which fills the kitchen and feeds the soul. The lady of the house is not the chef. I nurture my children in other ways, but when it comes to eating, of which we do well, my husband is the one in charge.

How lucky then, to have married a man with a love to cook. Who is a father and a husband we are lucky to have. Who is patient, clever and kind, and a source of calm in our often chaotic home. Who perhaps realises not that we would part at the seams without him. In years to come, given a little space, he would choose to plant seeds of his own, to water and tend and watch them grow.

The future then, for a quiet man, whose hands may, given time, turn a shade more green. A family man, with a view to an ordinary life, where those in his care are safe, and well and fed. Enough. For me enough - when love and talk and food itself, make a happy table, and a happy day... x

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