Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Spun Gold

On an early morning errand from the school gate, the baby girl and I drive through country lanes and blinding sun. Its is cold today - so a favourite wool coat and a fur trimmed jacket for my girl. A shame to be in the car on a morning so crisp and bright - but the drive is glorious, hedges and fields and a low lying sun, which glints in my rear view mirror and makes spun gold of my daughters hair. Farms and cottages of whitewash and stone, twisted roads which in every direction lie beneath a sky of brightest blue.

A pleasure to be out on this day, while it is early and crisp and cold. Then home - blackcurrant jam and porridge for the babe - who rosy cheeked from the kitchen fire, reaches arms to her mother to be lifted to her bed... x

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