Friday, 16 November 2012

A Deeper Shade Of Green

The 5 year old is struggling today. This morning, this afternoon, this week. As the baby grasps and pulls herself up, her brother is falling to bits. Tears and tantrums and tightly wound - a face of thunder with a permanent frown.

Jealous. And floundering. No attention lavished can replace what went before - the limelight - and a solo act. But the sideshow now is increasingly stealing the show.

What to do but wait it out. He will come around. I tell him she just wants to join the fun.

But the mood swings are driving me mad. Tales told every minute on a baby who knows no wrong. My little angry boy - indulged since the day he was born.

Their father arrives home. 'I'm sorry darling - we've a bad tempered crew'. Wine then - ten times better chilled - at room temperature will do.

I loathe the strops but I love the boy... 'And your sister - I know - loves you too'... x

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