Monday, 19 November 2012

Bunny Ears

The baby girl is one this week. I can hardly believe so soon. A first year of life - gone in the blink of an eye. When born - in a flurry of new baby gifts - we acquired several cuddly rabbits, and I joked to the five year old that we needed a hutch. The largest - pink, green and floppy eared - is now her favourite toy. A happy pair they make, sat together in the cot as she calls to be lifted up.

And my boy - hand in paw with a spotted dog. Black and white and machine washed to grey. Found in a shop in a pretty Welsh town. A holiday prize and love at first sight. A photo - taken moments after we bought the dog - winks at me now from my left hand side.

Family members - these toys. Scraps of fluff and fabric so very loved. Favourite ragged playmates who to lose would be a loss indeed.

I have a rabbit of my own - threadbare in a bottom drawer. Torn and stitched and through the wars. Held in small arms in a million yellowed snaps, a glint in a glassy eye. And a blue jumper, knitted by hands no longer around, to keep him warm.

Not played with, but there. A childhood treasure, too special to send away. And amidst my children's sea of toys, new favourites now emerge. A rocking horse and a wheelie dog. Well worn books not destined for the charity shop.

But a rabbit and a spotted dog. The touch and the smell of those who hold them dear. Cuddled and adventure bound for years. Loved by us all. Special - and favourite - and to keep... x

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  1. This is such a lovely post, I have a few baby books that belonged to me when I was little, and there's something really special about sharing them with my son!


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