Sunday, 11 November 2012


A wiper of tears, a holder of hands,
A marching band of pots and pans.
A singer, a dancer, the maker of fun,
Dry from the rain and safe in the sun.

A laundry maid, a kitchen hand,
Full attention on demand.
A teacher, a nurse, a warning bell,
No break for tea in the day from hell.

Corporate world of a kitchen sink,
Charges dressed in blue and pink.
A storyteller day and night,
Cure an ail and stop a fight.

Day shift, night shift never done,
The patience of angels all in one.
A tower of strength, a firm embrace,
Beauty and warmth and love and grace.

Face and hands of criss-cross lines,
Winning tiny hearts and minds.
Investing now these early days,
A future where the interest pays.

A happy child, a mothers work,
Built of love and not of luck.
Bedrock, anchor, cornerstone,
Worth her very weight in gold.

Woman, lover, silly girl,
Keeper now of all her world.
A wife, a daughter, mother duck,
Question not the worth of her work... x

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  1. This is lovely- I feel a bit teary reading it!

  2. How lovely .... Popped over from BritMums...fab post now following x

  3. I loved reading this. I am now following you too x

  4. One of the most beautiful poems I've ever read. Sums up motherhood perfectly :) xx

    1. Thank you - I think I'd had a long day when I wrote it!! ;)


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