Wednesday, 14 November 2012

King Of The Castle

Speech therapy today - for my boy who calls a cake a 'tate'. We join him, the baby and I - plucked from his class for 20 minutes of 'T' which should be 'K'.

He cannot make the sound. Three therapists between them are running out of ways to try. We are recruited to joining the game at home. A toothbrush held on a tongue and a mouth kept open wide. Cat, kite, king - good try, now try again.

He is growing bored of the wait. Interest lost in a game not so easy as it sounds. From the floor the baby lends a hand. T and D and G. Clever girl.

A sideways glance then, and dark clouds cross the sky. He tolerates these sessions, willing if increasingly bored. Lazy over K and competitive not. But a baby, a sister, a little girl - champion of a game she has not been invited to join...

In earnest then. 'k'.

'Good, better, your best yet.'

I see that it will come. Incentive - blonde and 12 months old - crawls forward and gabbles some more... x

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