Friday, 23 November 2012


Plump of cheek and sideswept lock,
Knitted tights and baby frock.
Blonde of hair and blue of eye,
Gutsy, strong and loud of cry.

Chatter chatter, sweet of song,
Cotton romper'd not for long.
Roll and crawl and reach and pull,
Not your clever brother's fool.

Milk and porridge bunny ears,
Spun of laughter not of tears.
Mother's daughter darling girl,
Brightest light in all the world.

Sing and Sign and Baby Jake,
Jelly tots and birthday cake.
Red and navy tartan dress,
Rosy cheeks and Sunday best.

Little sister pride and joy,
Love you girl and love you boy.
One year old and all of five,
Living, breathing running wild... x


  1. Beautifully poetic. If you are alluding to a first birthday within your writing then happy 1st birthday to your little lady. My own wonderfully wild girl will be one in matter of weeks and it seems the sands of time have gathered pace of late. Tumultuous emotions are what we are expected to ride out, like the effects of a storm we are powerless to prevent their progression. Traumatic yet wondrous, it is a time that shall never be forgotten.

    1. Yes can't believe we've had her first birthday already - where has the time gone?! Hope your daughter has a fab birthday too xx


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