Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Water Babes

When pregnant with my son I swam. Weightless in water and glad of the support. And once a week a class -  to stretch and pull and push my way around a pool. To find friends amongst women in the same boat as me.

Mothers. New to the role. As my baby thrived and cried his way through early weeks, I found a lifeline with girls I had - until then - barely knew. Who loved and resented and understood - that the world had turned upside down.

Five years ago. Infants grown now to little boys. Different schools and friends and lives. Each our helping of luck and disaster along the way. But still around. Know me at my worst and at my best. Remember my boy from the time he was born. Memory bound of his earliest days.

Dinner then and a glass of wine. For those with whom I never went to school. Not at my wedding and in no grinning snaps from my youth.

Met in a pool. Five years water under the bridge. I'll drink to you. To me - and to mine - and to yours... x

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