Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Cotton Wool

With a view to a boy and his room full of toys, the baby girl has been climbing the stairs. Scooped from fourth step she protests - hearing not her mothers reason that the son of the house is in school.

A gate then - to prevent a fall. And an eye in the back of my head. For a fearless girl, who would choke and tumble and break in two, if left to her will and her way.

Heart in mouth and a wish for cotton wool. To wrap an inquisitive daughter, and keep her safe from harm.

Climb - not mountains, and fall - not free. Keep your feet on the ground, stay downstairs with me.

I carry her then to the top of the house. Where content, she roams an Aladdin's cave. Older, bigger, better toys. Not for babies - but for boys... x

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