Sunday, 23 December 2012


5 at Christmas
High as a kite,
One more day
And one more night.

Bedclothes ragged
Flushed of cheek,
Head of nonsense
Cannot sleep.

Clean pyjamas
Favourite toy,
Late night story
Tired boy.

Wake tomorrow
Christmas Eve,
Reindeer food
And make believe.

Chimney pot
and pitch of roof,
Solid sleigh
And heavy hoof.

Crimson velvet
Leather boots,
Thirsty work
And chimney soot.

Early woken
Not a sound,
And lets go down.

Wooden castle
Wooden mice,
Christmas morning
Come to life... x


  1. Ohh fabulous, I love this. I hope you had a fabulous Christmas, Mich x

    1. Thank you Michelle! We actually had to wake my son up on Christmas morning... I certainly wasn't expecting that!!


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