Monday, 3 December 2012


A royal heir. Spin doctors' dream. The future of the monarchy and a new bank holiday on the way. A happy event - to unite the corners of our isle and trail blaze a future generation of royals.

But I do not envy Kate. A sick girl in the public eye. Hormones turned on their head and no certain answers when the overwhelming sickness will go away.

Hospitalised for a short spell with the baby girl, I knew that it would end. Having carried my son through the first 4 months - wishing from one day to the next that I could curl up and die - I shouted louder the second time around.

It passes but it is incredibly hard. My mother - ill with my brother and I for the entire 9 months - assured me I would not suffer the same horrid luck as her. Little comfort - until her theory proved correct and I once again managed to make it out of bed.

But Kate is not a mother yet - green to the gills and sick to the core. No small child to remind her that rough seas - under these circumstances - are always worth the sail.

May her husband hold her hand. May the age old wisdom 'you're pregnant not ill' fall on ears not belonging to her. For she feels bloody sick. I imagine she just wants to see her Mum. May the worldwide media, for now, look the other way.

A public life. Who would wish it for their daughter's darling babe?

Not I. Not my Mum, and not - I imagine - many at all... x

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