Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Love Actually

Mid December and high time to write the cards. A list, filed on no computer, plucked from memory and the annual scramble to trace address.

The same names - written every year. And babes - new to the world - penned aside their parents and the future of Christmas for us all.

But two gone this year. From the cold, from Christmas, from our lives. How odd to write a single name which always was a pair. And what to say? To tell a relative - heartbroken yet at loss - that you wish them well. That you think them so very brave - to face the world and carry on. With a smile if not a choice.

No room on a card for this. No time in a busy day.

So to you L. For I know you read these words. And to my Papa.

May you know yourselves to be loved. May your angel keep you close and your family brighten your day. For Christmas now is changed. Tens of years and a best friend gone away.

But love is all around. In the family you've grown and the memories you hold. Keep them close.

Merry Christmas to you both. In your own time - in your own way - day by day... x

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