Thursday, 6 December 2012


No-one plans a visit to A&E. Not with small children who should be tucked up in bed - and never with a baby girl who has lunged from her mothers grasp and landed head first on the floor.

The sudden and horrible fright. Screaming and crying and gulping for breath. Jackets, car keys and 7 miles in the dark. Faster than I should wish to drive in the rain.

I keep the radio off, on journeys such as these. Too worried that should things go wrong, I'll recall for life a song, a voice or the headline on the news. The five year old talks to our girl, dozed off in her seat - for 16 minutes which feels like half an hour.

Bright hospital lights. Wide awake and a smile. I see that she's OK and I could cry with the relief. A nurse, a doctor, a registrar - home now and fast asleep.

At bedtime, in the dark with a husband away. Bad luck conspiring to be badly timed. I'll rest easier this night should my daughter awake. Sleep - nature's healer - just not too long, not too soundly and on this night - not too deep... x


  1. Oh so sorry to read this Helen, but glad little one is doing well.

    Have I told you lately I love your writing?!

  2. Thank you Ruth - they do like to keep us on our toes... She's absolutely fine. And as you know I love your writing too!!


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