Thursday, 24 January 2013

40 Years Young

40 tomorrow the man of the house. So east then - on trains through snow, to wander cobbled lanes and warm frozen hands in stone built city pubs.

He is, a little these days, feeling his age. Busy with kids, busy with work, busy with those he loves.

But 40 is young. To a generation who have children late. At 36 I fear not the end of a decade. Babies 5 and 1 - these are our early days.

Yet others grow old. Parents of generations before - some grown weary of this world. Missing those they have loved. Shadows on a wall - an empty chair and all the years before.

I write not to mourn - I am well, I am strong. But I see it all around - autumns and winters and early frost. Life grown old.

To dwell should wear us out. Youth within will help without. So east and north - spring eternal follows frost.

I wish not again to be 21, (perhaps today my husband does).

40 and loved - in health and work. Not at all bad luck... x


  1. 40 isn't old, it's just the number feels heavy. My husband turned 40 a few months after our first was born, now we have 3, the first 2 are teenagers, they make him feel young and old in equal measure!

    1. So glad you think so too! And there's not enough money for a proper mid life crisis - so a weekend away from the kids will need to do...

  2. Love this post - and the sentiments. I'd give anything to be forty - says she from far too far the wrong side! :)

    1. Thank you Ross and judging by your profile pic the 'wrong side' suits you very well :-)


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