Friday, 4 January 2013

Bleak House

Decorations cleared today. Glitter swept and Christmas bundled in a box. Cardboard lid and back to the loft.

The 5 year old mourns their leave and wanders glum faced at a room left bare. I'm glad - in truth - to see them gone. A new broom and an empty wall.

I enjoy the annual promise of a slate wiped clean. But January and February - few would argue - are the bleakest months of the year.

To spring then, and lighter skies. Were I by the sea I should walk, huddled in layers, dream the year ahead and hope things go our way.

In reality we shop for shoes. For the baby girl who's stockinged soles slip on wooden boards. In the store she sobs, feet trapped unwittingly by leather straps. Tear stained and unimpressed by purple size 3's, boxed and wrapped in a bag.

But come summer she shall run and jump, toes thoroughly scuffed. Chase a boy too fast to catch - sunhats, kinks and plastic clasps.

She is growing and changing so fast... my resolution this new year - to enjoy it while it lasts... x


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