Monday, 4 February 2013

Angels Gather Here

Were I beside you I should take your hand. Pull you from your corner seat and place your computer down.

We would wander the rooms of your home. Every corner and every door. Rest a hand on those awake, and place a kiss on sleeping babes.

Your own.

Your reason to wake and your reason to come home. No matter what the day has brought.

I'd help you tell them they mean the world.

I'd steady your hand and I'd give you the words. To smooth a cheek and whisper love.

And you'd rest better knowing it's done.

For it is angels work - to talk of love.

Enough now, in our uncertain world... x


  1. That was a really stunning piece of evocative writing!

  2. Your writing has a poetic quality to it. You write so beautifully. Am so glad I discovered your blog.x

  3. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments. This particular post means a lot to me x

  4. Absolutely beautiful words, so much emotion that says so many things xx thank you so much for joining up with Prose for Thought, hope to see you back next week xx

  5. So beautiful and so well written. :-)

  6. So beautiful, I have no other words.


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