Sunday, 17 February 2013

Good News

Sat most of the day at a local event, an old school friend I've barely seen since our teens, tells me she has happy news. 13 weeks pregnant, a late summer baby due.

Overdue. For a girl who has longed for a family of her own. Who has cherished a niece, congratulated friends, then wondered - and wondered - when it should be her turn.

Who has found her miracle in IVF.

Who glowed today, whilst we speculated over a daughter or a son. This lady who embellishes hand-made wooden plaques with messages of love. Names and dates and family stuff - weddings, anniversaries and births.

And now my friend can make her own - fill a nursery if she so desires - hang a wooden plaque on the front door.

And her Mum, as excited as her daughter for all that is to come.

A scan tomorrow, and then she can tell the world. She brightened my day, this happy girl.

In life bad things happen to good people. We all - in our own time - realise that. But today I was reminded that sometimes, while the sun shines, good things come to those who wait... x

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  1. So lovely to be able to celebrate with another over such wonderful news!

  2. I'm so chuffed for her and I don't even know her! Lovely post as always. xxx

  3. Congratulations to your friend! Lovely news.

  4. Thank you - it was lovely to see her so pleased! And I just felt that she so deserved it x

  5. This is such a lovely #magicmoment, thank you so much for sharing with us xx

  6. Being a parent yourself brings a different realm of joy to this kind of news from a friend. You must have been over the moon.

  7. Wonderful wonderful news. I'm so glad her IVF worked, it's a hard hard journey mentally and emotionally, but now, now she'll get her wee family x

  8. Wonderful news and most definitely a magic moment x


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