Saturday, 2 February 2013

Little Women

Quite the chatterbox - the baby girl. And a language all her own. A limited grasp of simple words deters my daughter not. Days spent in happy conversation with her mother, her rabbit and the walls.

She has plenty to say. And she sings aloud. Smiles at strangers and waves at the face in the crowd. Gabble and chatter and later on - tired, angry shouts.

She is an easy friend who confides her every thought - from the moment she wakes. Who learns at the speed of light, and is young enough to find magic and beauty all around.

Who trusts - entirely - and speaks her mind.

If I could but turn it into words. To know my daughter better - before she grows shy of the world.

Whilst small and slim and growing up.

Before she bites her tongue... x


  1. Beautiful writing - your words really sank into my pores. And wouldn't it be lovely to really know what they are saying through the babbling and gurgling ..... just loved the last line - how ironic and yet, so true...

    1. Thank you. My son is 5 and he NEVER shuts up so I guess I should be enjoying the rather lovely baby talk whilst it lasts...


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