Saturday, 9 February 2013

Sleep Tight

I have struggled this week. Held my children too tight whilst they wriggled free of my grasp. Turned the volume on our baby monitors to max. Tip toed into darkened rooms and lingered over beds.

I have wept.

For a mother I have never met. But a member of our writing community who, a week ago tonight, put her little daughter to bed. For the last time.

A happy, healthy girl - 9 months old. Who late last Saturday evening simply slipped from this world. No cause of death found.

The cruelest, cruelest loss.

I cannot help this family. Can do or say nothing to bring their daughter back again.

If I could I would. Today.

This week I have read utter heartbreak. Written as it unfolds. I am struggling right now to find words of hope.

But let a baby girls legacy be love. The brightest star in the sky above.

Today, tonight and each day forth - cherish your children, and your loved ones, all the more... x


  1. Oh my gosh, how come I have missed this? So very, very sad to hear this news. Words just don't seem enough at times like this:(

  2. Utterly heartbreaking. I lost my baby nephew the same way. Why? We never know.

    1. Marianne I am so very sorry for your loss. It is utterly heartbreaking and so, so cruel. Love to you and your family xx

  3. That was lovely and very moving ... and yes, the news was utterly heart braking - I felt very shaken by it - I can't even begin to wonder what they are going through. Just devastating.

  4. Such the saddest of news. Heartbreaking from a distance so there is no comprehension of the devastation the family must feel. You have voiced so well what many are feeling. x


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