Sunday, 10 February 2013

Water Wings

Twice a week I swim. Every Sunday and sometime in-between. A dress size down and exercise to which I will regularly commit.

Water, often cold, was today warm. Breast stroke, back stroke and 20 lengths - loosen limbs and clear a head. Then home.

And a costume yesterday, bought for the baby girl.

Her brother when only 6 months old, shivered amongst toddlers in swimming shorts. Not at all sure. Happier out than in the pool. And these days sent to lessons on a Tuesday afternoon. For peace of mind - the only past-time I insist he do.

So my daughter comes to water late. She has been missing out - a girl who's bath is the highlight of her day. Her mothers fault this years delay - but 6 months seems like yesterday.

A turquoise suit, pink fish and frills. Girlish limbs to splash and kick.

And towels - for when cold air hits - pink and large and soft and thick... x


  1. Fab post has made me want to don my cossie :)

  2. I love swimming - it's so meditative - when Little A was an infant, I took her to lessons, but stopped before she was one. Now she's three, and I need to look into lessons again...

  3. Its terrible I haven't taken Isobel before now, considering I'm there twice a week... Hope she likes it better than her brother!


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