Saturday, 23 March 2013

7 Weeks

It is forever winter here. Coldest March in 50 years. Snow and rain and wind and sleet.

And 7 weeks of tears. 7 weeks of disbelief. 7 weeks of new found grief.

I wish the cold would leave. I wish for buds and new spring leaves.

For sun to shine and warm your face.

For snow - I think - will always now remind you of these days.

I wish for you a milder place. Air which you can breathe again - shoulders not set tense against the day. And snow and wind and rain.

I wish to move the hands set on the clock face. For they appear fast stuck these days.

I wish for you a brighter place.

And may you always hear her name. May you keep - in sight - her face. May those you love remind you every day. May life without her slowly take a shape.

And all you plan for days and years ahead - may all that come your way. And later may you turn around and tell your girl - that were it not for her - life would not have been the same.

I wish the best in every way. I wish I knew the words to say.

So winter move on. Send hope and light and clear, cool sun.

Let 7 of the coldest weeks begin to turn to thaw... x

For Jennie. You can read her story here and you can make a difference here.


  1. Just sublime. That's poetry onto another level.

  2. I love this so much xx

  3. Thank you - I think we all really need some bright spring weather! xx

  4. What a lovely, tender tribute. If you are interested, I too wrote about the loss of a friend's daughter on my page nearly 3 years ago now (A rose for a rose). No words are really adequate though yours are very beautiful x

    1. Thank you Marianne. I just read about your Rose - how very beautiful, I love that you have kept it with you all these years... x

  5. This stunning! I feel like I'm stuck in Narnia and desperately trying to find the lamppost to get out....
    I've just voted you for best writer for the BiBs, citing this as my fav. I voted for you for MADS too but I don't know if you made the finals? Keep writing. Your blog is stunning in its beauty, simplicity and originality. Now, back to my own (rather neglected blog after 2 extremely busy weeks....!) Keep it up! Siobhan

  6. Absolutely beautiful. Wondefully written but such tragic circumstances.


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