Monday, 11 March 2013

A Quiet Belief In Angels

Do you see her today?
She misses you, she is in pain,
your beautiful mother can see no way to ever be whole again.

And she would have you in her arms today, call your name.
I wonder might you find a way,
to settle there awhile - where you were.

And I believe that from your place in light,
that sometimes you may catch the corner of an eye.
That you can watch and you feel close.

For I believe in souls.

And maybe you can help them carry on - your 4.
Perhaps one day you'll let them know,
for they do love you more than life can show.

And it is dark just now, at your house. For when you left a light went out,
but I imagine love which goes around - may yet again come back around.

Your love and your life, and all that you have left behind,
a million happy picture smiles,
let that - in time - grow bright.

And may you be your mother's guide - through pain,
for I believe that you're with her today.

And years from now, when her light fades - your mother love, your heart, your J,
she'll know your face and smile again... x

For Jennie. You can read poetry from other bloggers every Thursday at Prose For Thought.


  1. Wow - an amazing piece of poetry. I hope it brings some comfort. Well done for putting all of those feelings into words. xxx

  2. That's a very beautiful, moving tribute. X.

  3. An utterly beautiful gift, thank you!

  4. An utterly moving tribute, as ever I'm so chuffed that you link up to Prose for Thought Helen. Such beautiful writing xx

  5. Very raw and totally beautiful. I truly hope these words bring you comfort xx

  6. wow thats so moving! you really are so creative, just beautiful xx

  7. so moving and real, the pain of such tragedy is in every word. A really beautiful tribute. x


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