Friday, 22 March 2013

About A Boy

Today your Daddy brought snapshots home from work - a desk move and a clear out. Bag full of the past, 4 months old and growing fast.

And eyes - not yet focused - looking back.

6 to 8 months - before sight fully works. Clear no further than the closest face in front.

Not the sun or the moon or the birds. Night stars in the sky above.

But you see love. You know voice and you hear words. Warmth and light and smell and touch.

And when did focus come? Woke one day and found it worked? Saw a clearer, sharper world?

I noticed not. The million changes time has brought - inches grown and curves lost.

Whilst I watched.

Lifted you and held you up. Answered you when first you talked. Clutched your hand and helped you walk.

I caught your focus first.

Lucky me to be the one... x

My boy (4 months) x

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  1. That was just so lovely - you really are very talented! And this is one of the many blessings of being mum - that your baby is the first one he/she properly sees.

  2. Beautiful. My boy is 4 months this week, so reading this was extra special.

    1. Oh bless him - they grow so fast. Happy 4 months little one xx

  3. So beautiful, a first I never had but can imagine how lovely it would be. Really love the picture, what a gorgeous little man. x

  4. Happy 4 months! Popping over via Magic Moments. x

  5. aww great photo popping over from #Magic moments xx

  6. beautiful! I love your posts and so true! thanks for linking up with #magicmoments :-) x

  7. fab as usual, you are a very talented writer, love reading your prose xx

  8. Aw Helen I love this and got all teary, especially at the I caught you focus first line x

  9. How beautiful. Lovely moment to witness and isn't it special to find those old photos and relive it all :)


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