Thursday, 28 March 2013

About You Now

So this year - it turns out - is going to be all about you.
And from our house, we are telling you today -  that is cool.
Like it or not - we're your crew...

We'll help you smile when you're worn through,
help you out - or simply - help you feel like you.

That's what families do.

And this year - you come first,
Sit down, head back, feet up.
Whatever needs doing, we'll see it done.

Like you have always done for us.
So just bite your tongue while we make a fuss.

And you chose not - this place,
we'll see them off, these unwelcome days.
Nothing but a sticky phase.

And love, and life, and fight, and grace?
Our family - we've got that in spades... x

For my Mum (get well soon) x

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  1. love have caught the hard work-ness of these times so well...

  2. Another beautiful poem, you can feel the love in each line. xx

  3. Just lovely.... tis all! Have a lovely Easter. X.

  4. Gulp. *Fights back tears*. Mothers are so very special. I would feel exactly the same way as this if mine were ill. Wishing you strength and love x

  5. This is really beautiful, so glad I have come across your blog xx

  6. Thanks all for your lovely comments x

  7. Aw Helen this is beautiful. I so love your writing, you really are a very talented lady

  8. Beautiful! Hope your mum gets better soon :)

  9. This is a lovely tribute to your Mum :)), I love the bit about putting her feet up. I hope she is better really soon xx

    1. Whoops, entered too soon! Thank you for linking up to Prose For Thought again and for all your support xx

  10. Really shows the love and unity a family have especially through tricky times. lovely x

  11. what a lovely post, i love reading yours its so beautiful and so real xx

  12. How loving, hope your Mum is ok xx

  13. Beautiful words x Mums are so very special. Really hope yours gets better soon. Sending you and her a very big healing hug xx


  14. i read your article and love it so much ,thank you so much….


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