Thursday, 14 March 2013

Imaginary Friends

Once upon a time - when you were only small - you had a friend. A girl with a dress and yellow hair. You called her Yeidi - and she came everywhere.

Your imaginary girl. Who, back in those days, we knew very well.

I drew her picture for you - on the back of a restaurant menu. Some sunny day - stood on the beach with a bucket and spade.

It turned up not long ago - pulled from a drawer. You said that it was Isobel. Grown up with Mummy's hair.

You did not recall. I prompted and found a memory gone.

How odd. Days that I will never forget - slipped forever from your head.

And where lost? Some place of all forgotten stuff? Wrapped and locked and boarded up?

Yet I recall. The house where we first brought you home - baby toys and favourite clothes. Faces and names of those moved on.

Like yesterday - just.

And you have a sister now. Solid and real. I guess that makes yesterday easy to leave.

I'll draw you both - stood on a beach... x

Today I'm linking up to the magical Once Upon A Time.

Once Upon A Time


  1. An imaginary friend? My eldest had an imaginary friend who ended up being a friend to both of my girls. His name was Woogie and they used to spend hours pushing him on a swing! Interestingly, they do remember...

    1. Hours? Gosh Woogie came in handy didn't he?! xx

  2. It's such a shame when they are so young that they won't remember most of their experiences - at the very least she'll have you to remind her of Yeidi. Little A had an imaginary friend called Bobby-in-a-mow !!!! He's forgotten now and been replaced by Bawly and Brother - her right and left hands! Loved this line 'And where lost? Some place of all forgotten stuff? Wrapped and locked and boarded up?' Thank you so much for linking up! X.

    1. Bobby-in-a-mow... Yeidi... where oh where do they get the names?! Yeh I find it a bit sad that they lose those early memories - some of the days that we will remember the most xx

  3. This is beautifully written Helen. It is amazing how they can forget something that we remember so vividly x

  4. I often think of the age my children are and realise I only just remember being that age. I find it all a bit mind blowing that their lives full of so much will disappear from their heads some day. Beautifully written. xx

  5. Great writing. I'm amazed and dismayed by what my son does and doesn't remember. Sad to think he's forgotten so much.


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