Sunday, 31 March 2013


Hands held high you fling open scrunched fingers and say staaa,
The sign we have been teaching you for star.

You see them everywhere. Supermarket neon lights and headlamps light your way.

Your stars. They brighten up your everyday.
Catch your eye and pull your gaze. I ask you what you see up there.

And laid in cot you glance past my face - plastered ceiling, whitewashed bare.
And smile and gaze.

And I read once of angels seen by babes,
That they remember still, the place from whence they came.

Then forget, later.

And you learn every day - of what is solid, here to stay,
All that's real and all that's grey.

But I would have your angels stay. Leave not your sight, make not an ordinary day.
For magic lost is hard to recreate.

Should you forget once told there's nothing there?
When you say staaa I'll smile and let them stay... x

Today I'm linking to the wonderful Magic Moments.


  1. awww Helen your writing is so beautiful and eloquent. Thank you for linking up with #magicmoments xx

  2. Beautiful writing as ever. I love that she signs and says star - definitely her mothers daughter. Lovely xx

    1. Thank you, thats a lovely thing to say xx

  3. Aww that's beautiful and magical x

  4. Gosh what a beautiful writer you are. This is a lovely post!xx

  5. how wonderful. You are so right, everyday we teach children to bring life down into the boring every day: that's not real, that's just a story, no that's not a flying horse it's the vacuum cleaner get off! I guess we'd do better to let them influence us instead of the other way around, and let them bring some colour and magic back into life. xx

  6. This is so beautiful. I forgot how much I love poetry. Thanks for sharing


  7. So beautiful! Popped in from Magic Moments!

  8. I hope one day that you will publish your poetry - so eloquent and so easy to relate to! My mum says that when you see babies staring into space - they are looking at things we can't see - other dimensions! X.

  9. Beautiful. I do believe that small children can see and feel things much differently to us. And I do believe that, being so intuitive, just maybe they do see the angels around us. How lucky they are :) xx

  10. I love this. So beautifully written xx

  11. Your writing is so beautiful and moving x

  12. Thank you ladies for so many lovely comments!!! xx

  13. Oh Helen another masterpiece of writing. You need to get your own poetry book published, your poems are incredible, you can make the hair stand on the back of my neck with the beauty of your words x

  14. A fantastic way to capture the magic of a child's first words.


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