Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Fly High

I took you to the park, Friday past.
See-saw, slide and pitch of grass - giant saucer, roundabout,
and swings - on which to fly.

And you fear not the slide - shiny metal, dizzy heights,
little sturdy legs to climb,
beyond my reach - and high.

Wide eyed, hold tight, grass and woodchip left behind,
swing up high and reach out wide,
heady rush and leave this world behind.

Then tears, come home-time.

What warrior child wants solid ground?
Wind and flight and speed of sound,
swing me high and spin me back around.

A spark, I catch, in your eye.
My girl - fearless under bright blue sky... x


  1. Oh I have one of those fearless girls too and a weedy little brother to go with it :)

    1. How funny that they are so different! Exact same here - I have a wild girl and such a cautious little boy x

  2. Your writing is so fab!You paint pictures with your words & I love it :-) a little fearless girl then....long may it continue x

  3. Lovely! Don't know if my little girl will be fearless. My son goes through phases - he's in a fearless one at the moment, but about a year ago he would climb up the steps to a slide, look down and say: "No." Then he'd turn around and go back down the steps. I kind of love the fact that they have no concept of danger when they're little, and find it a little sad that most of the 'wise lessons' I teach them seem to be: "Don't do/touch that, it's dirty/dangerous". Necessary, but a little sad.

  4. Beautiful words! My wee man loves climbing and being up high with no fear sometimes.


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