Sunday, 21 April 2013

Me & Mine

We do not look alike.
Not that I can recognise - people stop me not to say that you have got my eyes,
or chin or lips or smile.

Perhaps my nose, small and round.
And hair - kinks and curls - blonde just now,
set to turn to golden brown.

And your brother is the same,
like his Dad in every way - or so people say,
almost every single day.

Like I would say to friends - off hand,
that boy of yours is just the very double of his Dad.

I say it less these days.
For likeness to a mother is in more than just a face.

In spark and laugh and grace,
in pretty clothes and funny ways,
in we can always find a way and didn't you do great.

In I am worth as much or more as anybody else.

In temperament and pace. In lit up eyes and happy face,
In me and mine and just about a million different ways.

You may not look my double but you're just like me the same... x


  1. Aww, I have this trouble with my son, always hearing "oooh he is definitely his dad's boy" -errm yes he is but he is also mine!
    Great post x

  2. `Perhaps my nose, small and round.
    And hair - kinks and curls - blonde just now'

    Such a clever turn of phrase!
    Another lovely piece.
    Cheers, ic

  3. A wonderful, inspiring piece to read this morning. We all need take the time to look a bit more carefully sometimes.

  4. This is beautiful, and with 2 boys looking exactly like their Dad can really sympathise with those sort of comments too :) x

  5. Ah that's lovely and very thought provoking! Funny I look at my eldest and struggle to see myself but yes i'm there in other ways! X

  6. Beautiful! My son looks a lot like my side of the family, but in all his ways he is like his dad.

  7. Little A definitely looks more like her fathers side, but she does have my nose and two joined up toes! :o).

  8. love this and a beautiful photo, my wife has the same in that both of our kids are blonde like me but as their personality comes out you can see her in them.

  9. Love the line in lit up eyes and happy face. Lovely.

  10. Just read this- love it! My son is he spit of his Dad, although I'm sure I can see a bit of me if I squint!


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