Saturday, 6 April 2013


In our house - full of elaborate toys - we decided to make a mess.
Plastic tray, full of paint. Green and blue and yellow and red.
Feet and hands and do your best.

And you loved this - heart and star potato prints.
Trail a blaze on paper sheet, rainbow hands and rainbow feet.

It was lovely to see.
A glimpse of a boy growing more like me.
Colour and shape and bright ideas. Creative - I believe.

So a picture for our wall (still intact and standing tall),
Crumbled not from paint specs on the floor.
Mess, it seems, hurts not at all.

But rather shines a light - days still cold to play outside,
Starry skies and colours of the rainbow brought inside.

And you asked not for DVD, TV or computer screen.
Tore off trousers, socks and tee,
Stood in paint and laughed with me... x


Messy Play


  1. Oh this is wonderful, beautiful and made me feel really emotional. Thank you so much for joining in and linking up. Thank you with all my heart x x x Why am I crying?

    1. Let them be happy tears Jennie because if you can inspire me to splat paint about my house, you can achieve anything! Your linky is such a lovely idea and will help so many other Mummys smile and have fun with their little ones x

  2. So lovely - Little A loves messy play too - don't all kids? Just loved these lines...

    'But rather shines a light - days still cold to play outside,
    Starry skies and colours of the rainbow brought inside.'

  3. Love love love this post! You inspire me to return to writing poetry x

  4. Beautiful as usual Helen, so vivid that I can picture the scene. Messy play is pretty awesome and if I'm honest I like being a big child and getting a bit messy sometimes too!

  5. Such a lovely post. We're having fun with messy play mainly because POD is only two and makes it a bit of a challenge :)

  6. I really enjoy your writing style and poetry. Looks like you had great fun. x

  7. Oh this is so lovely I could squeal! It's a delight to read - you are so talented :)

  8. Lovely idea! Messy play is such a brilliant thing to do with little and big ones! I know I still love it! Magic Moment x

  9. A lovely post - embracing the mess! xx

  10. So, so lovely. I am tentatively embracing the wonder that is messy play. For a minimalist, clean-freak it really means letting go. I'm not good at it but I'm trying.

  11. That's beautiful, really made me smile. So special when they get enthusiastic about something which isn't on a screen!

  12. I'm hoping for some sun so we can get outside and paint - looks promising :))


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