Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Sea Gulls

My birthday yesterday.
Elie, St Monans, Pittenweem and Crail. A sunny day - cold wind but no rain.

And we walked - drove from place to place.
Boats and shell and harbour walls. Gulls and wild air.

6 of us there - played on sand and wrote our names.

And I watched the sea - pebble, stone and blue and green,
wider skies and narrow streets.
Easier - to breathe.

37 years. Health and work and family,
lucky - to be young and to be here.

But a want for the sea.
Not for concrete promenades and not for sandy beach.

A harbour wall - slate roof and painted door, chimney breast and rocky shore. 
Wooden boats and coloured buoys.

And an iron post - solid, straight with line of rope. 
Sea swept hair and wind tossed clothes... x

Crail Harbour

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  1. Happy Birthday from a fellow Aries. Mine is 3 days away from yours :0). Fingers crossed your birthday wishes come true x

    1. Thank you! I hope so too. And a very happy birthday to you too xx

  2. Happy birthday! A lovely picture painted with words...and at the end.

    Many happy returns xx

  3. Always look forward to your poetry, and this was another good one! It's always slightly wistful. I could just see the seaside. xx

    1. Oh my goodness - yes! Thats the word! Wistful. I could never put my finger on the tone of my writing before. Thank you so much! x

    2. Wistful is my favourite mood for poetry and possibly even prose. That must be why I love reading your blog!

  4. Many happy returns lovely lady! I hope you had a lovely day - it certainly sounds like you did! X.

  5. A very Happy Belated Birthday lovely lady :) xx. This is as beautiful as ever...a yearning to live near the sea there - like me! We've just sold our house so who knows?! A lovely painting too, did you do it? Thank you for linking to Prose For Thought, and for all your support, as ever.

    1. How exciting, having just sold your house - you should find a stone cottage on a beach somewhere :-) Thank you I did do the painting, although a few years ago now xx

  6. Happy Belated Birthday, I it sure sound like you had fun (although would be nice with sun) Great post xx

  7. Love your writing. I too love the sea- I hear a seagull and it transports me to easy lazy days filled with sun & the promise of days without work. Loved the picture painted with words.

  8. Lovely. A very Happy Birthday to you x


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