Saturday, 6 April 2013


I am sorry darling.
I read your words every day,
If you seem bright I try to think of funny things to say.
If you seem down I grasp whatever comfort comes my way.

And I worry every time that what I say is wrong.
For I can not begin to understand.
This is for me the hardest part.

For words, I know, can only go so far.

But know this - you are never that poor lady to me.
You are a mummy who is struggling with grief.
And in some terrible parallel universe that could easily be me.

I think you need the time to grieve.
To shout to yell to cry to scream.
Bloody loss and this is real.

And how I wish you weren't here,
that I knew not of pain or tears.
That I saw not your image on my screen.

For that would mean that she was here.
That would mean that none of this was real.
I'm sorry Jennie.
Just know that I am here... x


  1. Yes. This is what i wanted to say. Xxxx

  2. What a beautiful song of support, and care, and reaching out to another - so heartfelt and delicate. X.

  3. This is just brilliant and echoes exactly how I feel and what I want to say too x

  4. Beautiful words expressing what I feel too. xx

  5. Helen you have a very beautiful way of expressing yourself and capturing the emotions of so many x

  6. Such kind and supportive words. You know exactly how to say what is often so hard to say. xx

  7. Wow. You've really eloquently expressed exactly what a lot of us feel.


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