Thursday, 23 May 2013

I Found You

(Make sure to click on all the links!)

I found you in words - screens and keys and who would know a whole another world.

And you have such great wit,
you have been a cornerstone when luck and life jumped ship.

You write very well,
you can embrace beauty in the stories that you tell,
sense and such and love in words and all said very well.

You weave clever tales,
voice and music lift you up and fill your very sails.

Angels walk with you,
you have learnt of monster love in all that you've been through,
faith and joy and gorgeous words are what I glimpse in you.

You know stars - you I know can understand,
life and love and losing stuff and all that comes around...

And you?
Brought to me through hellish news? Not from happy easy talk and hi there how are you?

But your words - your strength and your love,
you are making friends in ways which never were your choice.

May we help you light your days for you inspire us.

Thank you, thank you, thank you too for all that you have brought...

Lucky me I found your voice - each and every one... x


  1. What a clever tribute to good friends.

  2. Oh my word Helen, thank you. I'm blubbering all over my keyboard. That is the most beautiful thing that anyone has ever written for me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will cherish this xxxx

  3. I commented before I clicked through the links! How delightful to find myself there. That has made my day, thank you!

  4. Thank you, that is so so lovely. It is amazing how much words on a screen can mean. I have been very grateful for your beautiful poetry, it has brightened my day, made me think, made me cry, made me feel, and inspired me to write more. Looking forward to meeting you in person at Britmums live! x

  5. What a fantastic tribute to wonderful bloggers :). Such a clever idea - I may just have to copy you but you know what they say about imitation ;) x

  6. I couldn't read this last night so I am so sorry I am only just reading now. It's beautiful. Thankyou so much xxxxxxxx

  7. Thank you thank you Helen. I feel so honoured to be included with such wonderful writers. We all have such belief in you. Beautiful words, from a beautiful lady xxx

  8. Sat in the car on the way to Legoland (in the rain) ha! Btw I love inset days!
    Anyway, didn't think I'd get to this before this eve, due to the background noise of dear tiddlywinks, but there's been a lull. That and the fact that there's been so much tweet banter about this post, I simply had to peek.

    I did not expect to find this.
    I want to say thank you Helen.
    And not only for writing this, but also for highlighting all these other blogs too... I will take time to read the ones I haven't yet discovered.

    Strange to think that we are different ends of our nation, yet linked now in the way you so elegantly scribe; 'beauty beyond belief'. Your words I think?!
    Have a lovely weekend x

  9. I read so many blogs already and now I have so many more to add to my list! What a lovely post. I love when the blogging community brings people together like this!

  10. You really are a star... how lovely to have you in the blogging community. You are so generous and warmhearted and supportive. Thank you so much. I am really touched. XXX

  11. A fabulous tribute so some fantastic bloggers, I feel very lucky to be included in such company. Your warmth and personality shines through this blog and I know if we met in real life I would like you very, very much. :0) x

  12. Thank you lovely ladies - it was a pleasure to write!! xxx


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