Friday, 10 May 2013

Life After Death

Written as a Britmums Guest Post

You were a writer I believe,
books and letters kept for years,
birthday cards and diaries and date and time and year.

And inside paper sleeves,
"To Miss Ellie, Happy Birthday 1983",
people tell me there is much of you they see in me.

And how I wish that you were here,
fit and well with time to read,
words and thoughts and verse and stories pouring out of me.

And from where on earth?
It seems to me I found my voice the very day you left,
woke up, stood up, straightened up and looked for something else.

Life after death.

And how can I say loss?
When you have left me something I had very near forgot,
lost and drowned and watered down and lately all but gone.

My voice.
My hopes, my thoughts,
minds-eye, daydream, storybook and song.

A place to go,
space and page where words belong,
friends whom I could never have begun to think I'd know.

And I've learnt more of love,
in this last year since you have left than all the years before,
life and death and what is never really ours to hold.

We rent in life - we do not own.

So 90 years old,
days lived well and journeys told,
when you left me here I wonder did you always know?

You closed your eyes and fell sleep and that's the day I woke... x

For my Gran. 
30th June 1921 - 21st May 2012. 
The memory of whom, in large part, inspires every word I write.


  1. and here come the tears......oh my word Helen, she would be so proud of your talent x

    I now have a big gurned up face!

    1. Thank you Nichola - I'm so sorry about the face! xx

  2. Such beautiful words. She would be proud & I'm sure she is smiling down on you x

    1. Thank you Sabrina - I really hope you're right x

  3. Such a lovely post. I think this may be one of my favourite ever posts of yours. x

    1. Thank you - it's certainly one that means a lot to me x

  4. Wonderful, again full of that gentle, wistful stillness that I love about your poetry. I also love your poignant endings, as with this one. I'm sure that somehow your Gran is reading along with all your beautiful writing.

    1. Thank you - I hope you are right lovely x

  5. Enchanting and beautiful and really, really struck a chord with me - I was very close to my Grandma too, and I really, really miss her! X

    1. She was a lovely Gran, sounds like yours was too xx

  6. I think this is my favourite piece of writing of yours yet. Full of emotion and touching poignancy. Just lovely. You deserve to go through in the BiBs, I have everything crossed for you x

    1. Oh thank you Suzanne, I have my fingers crossed for you too lovely x

  7. wow this is amazing!! i am honored you have linked it up too for #magicmoments xx

  8. So touching and beautifully written. x

  9. So beautiful and touching, I am on one continuous goose bump trip today with #magicmoments! She would be so proud of you, you are super talented x

  10. I agree with everyone here you do have some talent. You ought to put some poems together and start selling them. I would buy some.

  11. This is really beautiful Helen, your gran would be very proud of you xx I have everything crossed for you for the BiBs xx


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