Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Night Pirates

Top of the house and wooden boards and weary nodding head,
cotton pjs, frozen toes and climb the stairs to bed.

Water, book and ted,
yellow lamp and baby gate they haven't taken yet,
nearly 6 and far too big to sleep before it's late.

With pirates in your head -
scale a wall and creep a floor and seize an end of bed,
nudge and feel and steal from dreams and claim you for themselves.

Their wooden ship,
steering wheel and windswept deck,
rope and rigging you can climb to clouds and back again.

Fishing nets of shark and fin,
killer whale and giant squid,
wicker creel, electric eel and poison jelly fish.

No boy need have any fear when he has pirate friends.

Of freckled cheek,
ragged hair and dirty feet,
threadbare shorts and torn shirt and neck-scarf underneath.

Worn steps to lower deck,
midnight feast to catch your breath,
breaded fish and salted chips and every man himself.

(You can eat your very fill then do it all again).

And treasure chest?
Keep it safe and under bed,
never told to not a soul and keep it to yourself.

Wooden bed by wooden eaves,
stone built house by pebble beach,
nearly 6 and pirate tricks and brightest, bravest dreams... x

Prose for Thought


  1. Love the idea of climbing to the clouds. Makes me think of my own kids.

  2. Love the need not fear message, pirate friends protect you always!

  3. This is lovely its so descriptive without being to complex (good for thicko's like me!) xx

  4. Swoon. Swoon. Swoon. Absolutely gorgeous. So sorry you didn't make the finalists - I was really rooting for you (I voted for you twice :o)). XXX

  5. Gorgeous! I love the idea of going to sleep and dreaming of pirates, imagining your bed a ship on the sea (I used to do this when I was little!)

  6. I always love the composition of your poetry, it brings images of beauty and love every time I read them. You really are one talented lady and thank you so much for all your support :) xx

  7. Amazing! I can see it with my eyes close. Thats how u vivid your art is. :)

  8. Lovely poem! Love the image of running bare foot down the steps- I can really 'see' it if you know what I mean!


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