Tuesday, 21 May 2013

One Year Ago

A year ago today I lost my lovely Gran at the age of 90. She lived a long and happy life and kept well all her days - until shortly before she died. The poem below was written whilst she was very ill in hospital, and it was clear to everyone who loved her that she would not be able to come home. I read it a short time later at her funeral.

12 months of writing later I don't think this is my best poem, however it will always remain close to my heart, and it rekindled a passion for poetry which has lead to creating my blog - of which I am very proud.

So here we are, for you...


When my little boy was 2 years old
I took him to the cottage at Chippermore,
on new boy legs and running fast
he raced ahead into my past.

Played on rocks, threw stones to the sea
climbed the hill and skint a knee,
I did the same on holiday
another year, another day.

I wanted to take my man and boy
to glimpse a time that I enjoyed,
you've left me such a treasure chest
of happy days that I know best.

Walks to see the daffodils
Happy Birthday and Easter things,
otter on the rock at Monreith Bay
paper hats on Christmas Day.

A G&T, a glass of wine
lentil soup at dinner time,
Care Bears, Caledonia Road
hat and gloves when it has snowed.

A rolled newspaper beats a paper fish
a chicken bone can make a wish,
tennis on TV all of June
cake mix and a wooden spoon.

My brother, my cousins, my Mum and Dad
know why these things make me sad,
but just for today, a little while
and then again they'll make me smile.

And Gran I wanted you to know
that these are places I'll still go,
so that in years and days to be
my children know Great Gran through me.


  1. Helen, I had such a strong bond with my Granny too. I lost her two years ago. It does get a little easier - perhaps I just got stronger over time? I loved reading your poem. It took me to the many things that make a granny special. Thank you for that. I now realise why you were having a bad day already prior to the car hiccup. I too, have written a poem for my gran, to post soon, along with the eulogy I read at her funeral. They were strong women and we must be too. And she is still with you, smiling away. On the breeze. In the flowers. In the turning tide. When you need her most, she is there! x

    1. Oh thank you Emma for such a lovely comment. And I think you are absolutely right x

  2. A sad day, very hard to think that all these very special memories are things that our kids won't be able to share - unless we recreate them ourselves. Sadly, both my kids got their passports very early on in their lives as I lost a grandparent just after the birth of each of them.

    On the poetic front: this is good, but your superpowers have increased a hundred fold since this poem. Really interesting to see the development in your writing over just one year. IMagine where you'll be in anotehr year's time! (Hint: published. Found an agent yet? If not why not?)

    1. Oh gosh just imagine... I'll make it my mission! :-) xx

  3. Your granny must have been a lovely woman, to have been so loved. What an epitaph. I'm sorry you are feeling sad and missing her and your poetry is beautiful. I love that line "running fast
    he raced ahead into my past" Beautifully put.

  4. What a lovely, lovely homage to your Gran. Sounds like you were very, very close to her. My Grandma died when she was 90 too, the 8th December 2009, a blizzard of a day, and I was heavily pregnant with Little A. I miss my Grandma dearly. It's always a toughie the first anniversary - she'll always be with you. Always. XXX


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