Saturday, 11 May 2013

The Number 9

Black cat 9 lives,
Goal! Striker number 9.

9 planets solar system,
9 US baseball innings.

Cloud 9, can't get higher,
9 Christian angel choirs.

Dressed up to the nines,
Party like it's '99.

Scrum half rugby pitch,
Upside down number 6.

9 months mothers womb,
99 red balloons.

9 months bright life,
Off to bed sleep tight.


The call no mother should have to make on a Saturday Night.

9 days of an auction for Matilda Mae,
Please help make a difference today.


  1. Wow such a powerful post. And obviously for such a great cause x

  2. Clever! I was taken by the fun of the first half then the whole thing changed suddenly. Made me shiver.

  3. Wonderful message Helen, for a wonderful little girl :( x

  4. That's powerful, poignant, and beautiful all in one! X.


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