Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Number One

One match lit bright,
one candle yellow light,
one life, one day, one boat sail away.

2nd May forever changed.

So we will shine a light -
window sill and lantern high,
torch and lamp and starry night,
stone and field and cliff and beach and sky.

Tallest, strongest lighthouse standing bright.

Beacons of light -
strung from here to far and wide,
east and west and north and south,
further than you ever sought to find...

We will always remember.

Yours is a light which will never go out... x

For Jennie, David, Esther & William - on this and every 2nd May. 

Today I'm linking this post to a collection of messages on Susanne's blog
I am also linking to Prose For Thought.

An online auction in memory of Matilda Mae and in support of The Lullaby Trust 
begins on 11th May and runs for 9 days. You can find out more about this here.


  1. A beautiful poem. Happy birthday Matilda Mae.

  2. Beautiful poem as always lovely. X

  3. So, so beautiful - a very special day for a very special little soul X.

  4. This is beautiful. As Heather says, simply stunning. Thank you so much for linking up and for being a really lovely friend. Cannot wait to meet you xxxx

  5. Oh Helen. How lucky we are to have your voice. This is beautiful. xxx

  6. Beautiful. I love the light in the poem. x

  7. Absolutely beautifully written. You have such a stunning way with words Helen and its an honour to have you link up to Prose For Thought xxx

  8. This is so so beautiful x I now cannot stop the tears from falling x I miss my baby girl so much x

    1. I'm so sorry Jennie. I wish with all my heart that it wasn't so xxx

  9. A beautiful tribute to a beautiful angel x

  10. Simply beautiful x As always your words send shivers down my spine, you capture the feeling, the moment, the emotion perfectly. Happy Birthday Matilda Mae xx

  11. Wonderful poem, this will mean so much to Jennie.

  12. This is so beautiful, there will be many candles lit for her tonight x

  13. Baked Potato Mummy2 May 2013 at 20:51

    You have such a wonderful skill with words and this is heartbreakingly beautiful. Definitely a light that will never go out xx

  14. Beautiful poem for a beautiful angel

  15. Beautiful poem - 2nd May will forever be etched on all our hearts xx

  16. You've created stunning imagery with your words- beautiful!

  17. Another lovely and beautiful poem x


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