Friday, 14 June 2013

6 Foot Tall

Young man,

world at your feet - time on your hands,

all that you have yet to know and all that's yet to span...

Your path -
choice and chance and here at last,
walk the walk and talk the talk and never, don't look back.

A family man,
swing and shoulders, infant hand,
grown now and grown up and all that's come to pass.

Man and boy and heart and joy and may it ever last.

And not all went to plan?
Well rest assured it never did for any living man,
dreams and hopes and will and work and do the best you can.

For years and years -
change and place and who could ever know where life would lead,
ups and downs and roundabouts and laughter, love and tears.

One way or another - you're all here in one piece.

And of today?
Of tomorrow come what may?
Who would ever waste their time to try and guess at fate?

But this space - this voice and this face,
full of promise, open doors and brightest early days,
each of you in your own way and each of you can say...

My boy -
my heart - my joy -
may you have the best of all and may you find your way.

Thank you - you've been wonderful - and Happy Fathers Day... x


  1. That was wonderful - I love how it encompasses all the generations. And don't you both make a handsome couple! X.

    1. Oh thank you - except for the photo of my son at the end those pics are all very old! My little boy has such a strong bond with my Dad it seemed right to weave it all together x


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