Saturday, 29 June 2013


First day of the holidays,
northern children loose to play,
end of June and end of lessons getting in the way.

7 weeks,
late to bed and late to sleep,
fingers crossed for sunny weather, bucket, spade and beach.

To travel south -
suitcase, bag and half the house,
Are were nearly there yet and can we go faster now?

Play i-spy and speed on by and sheep and field and cow.

Our week -
eastern coast and choppy sea,
quiet village, giant shore and sandy estuary.

We have been there once before when 4 were only 3.

So to go back,
ocean, grass and sandy path,
charge ahead and waters edge and tiny sandal tracks.

Lucky lady to return,
growing boy and growing girl,
thick as thieves and make believe and growing up and on.

5 years old and 19 months,
shorts and tee and photographs,
scampi fries, vanilla ice and sticky salty hands.

By the sea for 7 sleeps and castles built on sand.


  1. Hope you all had a wonderful time. Loved this line.... 'By the sea for 7 sleeps and castles built on sand'. We are going for a week in Cornwall the first week of September! X.


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