Thursday, 20 June 2013


We took the ducks a walk today -
on wooden wheels,
trundle, rattle down the lane - yellow, red and green.

Coarse string, paint chipped,
scuffed and worn beak,
solid toy and solid legs and new found solid feet.

Down the path -
turn around and totter back,
not yet time for garden wall and bench and woven mat.

But chirping birds - grass and mill and summer song,
running water, fountain pond glimpsed over dry stone wall,
lets go home you're tired girl the ducks are getting sore.

No - shake your head and walk some more.

Here with me,
day before midsummer eve,
we can idle, we can chatter, we talk easily.

And I forgot,
when everyday seemed simple not,
to step from out the little stuff and come and simply walk.

Mild air and wild woods,
winding track and me and you,
duck and string and easy things and fit and well and good.

City bound on morning train,
butterflies and face to name,
Far from you and northern view and baby daisy chains.


  1. Aw Helen, this is just such a lovely picture to paint. You're going to miss her and her wee wooden ducks for a couple of days aren't you x

    1. Thank you - I had a lovely time but I really did miss her - was jumping out of bed when she woke this morning and that is not the usual story! x

  2. You have such a talent, such a wonderful poetic picture. I loved this. I hope you had a super time at Britmums. xxx

    1. Thank you - it was lovely putting faces to names. Older Mum and I were saying what a shame it was we didn't get to meet you too x

  3. Lovely as ever, you always create a beautiful picture.

  4. Yet another beautiful effort, when is the book coming out???

    1. Ha ha you are giving me ideas! Leave it with me :)

  5. i love this poem its beautiful! thanks for linking up with #magicmoments honey xxxxxxx

  6. Beautiful, as evocative as ever! Glad you had a good time at BritMums :) #MagicMoments

    1. Thank you Sara I guess it would have been rather far for you to travel! x

  7. Just stunning, as always, your words really conjure up an image of that scene. We had those ducks! The years go by so fast so savour the moments x

    1. Thank you Susanne - every toddler needs ducks huh? xx

  8. Such a lovely picture described... I love those wooden toys, we have a wooden roll along thing too, now with the paint chipped off but Little A still loves it! X


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