Thursday, 6 June 2013

Call For Poetry Voices!

According to traditional maritime culture
champagne may be disposed of in the following fashion...

I've decided just to drink mine!

To toast the launch of a brand new BritMums monthly Poetry & Prose Round-up
which will be co-edited by myself and the lovely Victoria Welton.

This is a wonderful chance for us to showcase the best poetry
 and prose voices in blogging and to discover fresh new talent. 

If you blog, write or scribble poetry then I want to hear about it, 
if you know of talented writers of prose then point them in my direction, 
if you are inspired to have an initial go for yourself then now is the hour!

Poetry and prose are growing in popularity within a modern audience
and our new monthly round-up will be a wonderful way to showcase
the best of both established and emerging talent. 

There are no rules.
We are a new generation of writers and readers and we are keen to hear your voice.

Get in touch by email to or tweet me your links to @EllieAllAtSea

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  1. Look forward to reading he first one!

    1. Me too! Vicky and I are taking it month about and Vicky starts first Wednesday in July x

  2. This sounds SUPERB.
    I do write poems every now and again on my blog and on my other (Conscious Mum) blog.
    Here's my most recent (not spectacular but I enjoy it)

    Liska xx

    1. Good stuff I look forward to reading! x

  3. This is fabulous! So glad you are a co-editor too. Would I be able to submit my more prosier stuff? X.

  4. I love writing poetry and reading it, too! Here is one I recently wrote that is a personal fave, published at my site Poetic Parfait:


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