Saturday, 1 June 2013

Closing Time

11 years.
And in the end it's you who left - it's you who's leaving me.

For pastures new -
place to go and work to do,
new beginning, open door and latest, newest broom.

Good for you.

And we sat side by side,
leaving night and busy crowd and vodka, beer and wine,
pizza Friday after work and stay till closing time.

And you said chance,
you said what if circumstance,
pick you up and put you down and fail to turn out right?

Take your chances, road less travelled, I say you'll be fine.

So keep in touch - here's to all things working out,
may the next 11 years bring what the past has not,
let me know what comes your way - and Iain?

Best of luck x

My workmate Iain


  1. I had to read between the lines.... Is this about a very good friend or an ex? X.

    1. A work colleague (and friend) of 11 years, probably quite a rare thing these days!

  2. Very clever.
    Work friends come & work friends go,
    but friends they remain.
    Cheers, ic

    1. Yes, I hope we do keep in touch - 11 years is a long time...

  3. Loved it ! Thanks to @Iancochrane for sharing your blog link . Looking forward to read more post from you. Right now going through your old published work here and enjoying your writing talent !


    1. Thank you Shainee that is a really lovely comment!


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