Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Goodbye Bluebell Wood

Spring came late,
hail and snow and rain to pour and really made us wait,
north wind blows and heaven knows when we'll see sun again.

To cast a clout,
never safe till May is out,
June near come and tepid sun but still its freezing out.

Glad are we - it's warmer now.

In heady breeze,
sweetest perfume, bowing trees,
bluebell carpet, trodden route and lilac, blue and green.

Moments stop and close your eyes and take the time to breathe.

And all where that takes me -
another year, another wood and path led to the sea,
sandals, scuffs and picnic lunch and blanket, flask and tea.

Scent of bluebells, sand and salt and caught by memory.

But here in wood, deep and green and lush and good,
fairy glen and hidden door and magic if you look,
overgrown day by day and gaining underfoot.

And nettles creep -
grow and stretch and soon knee deep,
summer garden over-run and never ours to keep.

Wild now till trodden down and lost in winter freeze.

So wave goodbye,
say come back another time,
older, taller, stronger, somewhat wiser, wider eyes.

Don't forget and don't lose step and bid bluebells goodbye.

one week

Prose for Thought


  1. Teehee I actually stopped to take a breath there. Woods and the sea...lovely sensory overload! What a Spring it's been, this sums it up rather beautifully.

  2. Oh Helen what a beautiful picture of spring you have painted here. I can almost taste the salty air and smell that Bluebell wood x

  3. Nothing but the best from you! Beautiful. I love bluebells so much - they are so magical - made for fairies. And by the sea too. Where you live sounds wonderful - thank goodness spring is finally on its way. And thank you for linking up to #oneweek. X.

  4. Beautiful, really enjoyed that. Something magical about walking through a wood covered in bluebells. Feels like they've come and almost gone so quickly this time - but everything seems to be in a rush, after being held back for ages! Sounds gorgeous where you are x

  5. As if bluebells weren't evocative enough, you had to go and write about them beside the seaside?! Lovely! And well done on the initial bright idea of the Britmums poetry round-up, fabulous! x

  6. Lovely! Once again I want to come and live where you do. Your style of writing seems to fit where you live. I wonder what sort of work you would create if you lived in an inner city. It would be interesting to see if it was different at all.

  7. Bluebells are one of my very favourite things (so sad to see them starting to die). Your words are as beautiful as ever x

  8. Sublime. Beautiful photos too. I love Bluebells. You have such as ways with words xx

  9. I love the 'fairy glen' line - I've been to so many fairy glens. Perhaps being a grown up I should stop trying to catch sight of a fairy.
    Its a really interesting take on Spring - so many saying hello to flowers, and you've observed saying goodbye. I'm always sad when the bluebells have gone over, but this poem is very uplifting about it.

  10. I love the coming back with wiser, wider eyes. I love how every season and experience is new again each year for little children because they have grown so much in the meantime.

  11. awww Helen this is beautiful xxx

  12. Helen this is beautiful - it really is a poem to help you reminisce :). Thank you for linking co-ed :) x

  13. Such a lovely poem, love the bit about gardens never being 'ours to keep'
    love it!


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