Friday, 28 June 2013

In Your Name

Archie - my son,
Anna had you been a girl,
named before we knew or cared which child or sex you were.

And Isobel -
pretty daughter, pretty hair,
beauty in a baby face and beauty in a name.

And other names -
kept in mind for other babes,
never born and early lost and higher, somewhere else.

Not a label I could ever give in life again.

And did you know?
On a day like this when you see not the place to go,
what could ever help at all and little good in store...

Say her name -
call it time and time again,
soft or loud or yell and shout or whisper barely there.

For those we've lost -
angels, stars or specks of dust,
every faith or non-belief in corners of the world...

Names remain when all else threatens not to be recalled.

And I believe,
darkest hour, time of need,
we are never far from all we want and miss and need.

May she know your voice and face,
feel your love in tiny ways,
all that you have done and all you're doing in her name.

For my friend - who I can't help - who's struggling this day xx

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  1. This is beautiful and sad all at the same time. We had Isobel in mind had we had a girl x

    1. I think Isobel is such a pretty name - so glad I talked my husband into it!

  2. Lovely words and Archie is an awesome name.

    1. It is - thank you, was lovely to meet you last weekend x

  3. Lovely, beautiful names and a beautiful sentiment, what a wonderful support you are xxx

  4. Lovely names! I like Isobel too, but we are all about boys over here! Gorgeous writing, as ever x

  5. This is simply stunning x I hope I get to meet Archie and Isobel at the barn dance x Thank you so much for being my friend x

  6. Beautiful words. What a lovely friend you must be. X

  7. Archie and Isobel - what lovely names. So much energy in a name. Matilda Mae, the name of an angel. You are such a warm, loving friend. X,


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