Monday, 10 June 2013


Yesterday we walked -
castle view and cliff side top,
bluest, greenest ocean wave and sky and sheerest drop.

Gulls to cry and gulls to dive and swoop and soar aloft.

And your bare arms,
sandals, legs and summer tan,
toddle, clamber, race and fall and catch me if you can.

Sweet are early summer days without a baby pram.

Without a care -
cotton hat and golden hair,
taller, stronger, longer limbs than you knew yesterday.

Sun becomes a sunny girl and sunny is your way.

And do you know these days?
The sort for almost tempting fate?
You are happy now, not later caught in retrospect.

Clear blue sky and still warm air,
shield your eyes from yellow glare,
sea and stone and hazy island just across the bay.

All that you should dare to be,
place and time you wish to see,
days like this when skies above seem almost within reach.

Firm on feet on pebble beach,
not a ripple mill pond sea,
cast a stone and make a wish and set a change of scene.

Prose for Thought


  1. Was wondering why ripples till I got the end...lovely! We are soaking up the sun here too!

    1. Enjoy - it's gone cloudy here again! Hopefully just a blip :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, it really was a beautiful day x

  3. Helen, even the word ripple is poetic. Cast a stone, make a wish, change your destiny. This conjures up so much imagery. Great read again x

  4. I just loved this - she's becoming more confident now, looking at the world on her own terms. XXX.

  5. Walks without a pram - that does sound blissful! As always, your words paint a beautiful picture.

  6. Gorgeous poem! I keep thinking of her reading this when she's grown up, won't that be amazing for her!

  7. makes me feel calm and happy inside x

  8. This is beautiful - made me long even more to our family holiday on the West Coast in August. Counting the weeks.. x

  9. Stunning! And I love 'mill pond sea' - those words transported me there in an instant. You are an incredible wordsmith x

  10. Really evokes a mood. Beautiful x

  11. Elizabeth summed it up there - you are a fabulous wordsmith. Another beautiful poem which contrasts so well with Judith this week. Such a wonderful theme. Thank you for linking to Prose For Thought xx

  12. So talented. This really caught my breath and transported me to another place. So evocative. A great read.


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