Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Arran Island

10 miles from here,
white and shrouded mountain top
and home amidst the sea.

And it had rained,
morning, noon and all the day,
stuck in house and lets get out and drive you anywhere.

Our car -
baby seat and lack of calm,
crest of hill and miles still and roll the window now.

Home or out or round about and heavens pouring down.

Till sun came out,
filtered clouds,
fingers cast upon the earth and light spun all around.

Island view -
just the very ordinary thing you've always knew,
western coast and fishing boats and living where you do.

But do you see?
Sat ahead in drivers seat?
Silent now and chatting not of cows or trees or sheep?

How to take my breathe away across a steering wheel.

How to glow,
after rain and cloud laid low,
oversea and blue and green and distant grainy shore.

Busy mama, busy me,
unexpected seconds leave,
time and place and moments grace and only short and sweet.

Noisy children, noisy day,
bloody tractor in the way,
rolling hills and country things and view across the bay...

Arran Island, summer light and sudden calm today.

Prose for Thought


  1. Love this (as usual), esp the photo, and the 'bloody tractor in the way' - that takes the biscuit!! S

  2. fingers cast upon the earth and light spun all around.

    This line is beautiful! And I laughed at the tractor line!

  3. Beautiful! I must visit your part of Scotland one day! :-)

  4. Such beauty. How wonderful to live where you do... even with the tractors!

  5. Such beautiful description. There's a real sense of calm. Lovely x

  6. Haha, bloody tractor in the way! That was my favourite line. You always paint such beautiful word pictures, and that was a brilliantly contrasting touch of funny. :-)

  7. I love this. I have been to Arran, and this poem brought back all the memories. It is a beautiful place x

  8. I love it.
    Please bear in mind I know nothing about poetry but something about the flow or the rhythm or something was most pleasing :) It was all like do do do do do do do especially the longer sentences at the end of the verses, they were just lovely, they made me feel happy :) And the tractor but cracked me up :)
    Found you on the Prose 4 thought blog hop thingy :)

  9. I feel that way when I get stuck behind a tractor too! LOL. And I have heard that Arran island is very beautiful - very green, and different species of wildlife there too??? X.


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