Sunday, 28 July 2013


We woke to you today -
glimsped from heavy curtain fall and felt in cooler air,
pitter, patter fill the cracks and rivers run again.

Scattered window pane,
slanted glass and roof of slate,
pots and earth and dry stone steps and sun-bleached wide terrain.

And it felt strange,
pulling knitted cotton over children's arms and legs,
socks and hoods and new cagoule and such forgotten things.

Seemed to me the sun had shone for days and weeks on end.

And heat to build,
heat to loosen head and limb,
dust and glare and heady haze and not a breath of wind.

Summer hours spent in sun,
Like it was when we were young,
Open air and not a care and may it carry on.

Flare and burn and keep us warm once clear blue skies have gone.

We woke to you today -
relief of sorts to see you there,
green and sodden garden drenched in sudden summer rain.


  1. I felt exactly the same today. Such a beautiful poem.

  2. Lovely poem. I really appreciated the rain today x

  3. I think many people felt like this-great poem x

  4. Lovely, the sun is wonderful, but cool rain can be a relief x

  5. this was my thought this morning too! its certainly taken the edge off the heat so i am hoping for a cooler nights sleep!

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

  6. Beautiful images evoked by your poetry - I always look forward to getting your poems to my inbox :-) x

  7. Truly wonderful words and I love that they create beautiful images in my head. Your poetry is always such a joy to read :)

  8. I missed your poetry a bit amid your beautiful summer prose! This one has some amazing alliteration! I love "sodden garden drenched in sudden summer rain".

  9. Well it's much needed. And we had some terrific thunderstorms here today - big hail stones and dramatic sounds. I love thunder! And it did feel weird wearing a cardigan again... Lovely words as ever! X.

  10. So beautiful Helen, my garden was desperate for rain, but I'd like it to go away again now and turn the burner back on x

    Once again your words paint the entire picture, I feel as though I'm standing looking through your window watching (not in a peeping Tom way!)

  11. Such a beautiful poem, really capturing the suddeness and sogginess! xx


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